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Aimant – French for magnet – was born from the dream of two young cousins who dared to go one step ahead, believing that good intentions always attract good results.

Alex and Andrew were born into a family with decades of experience in distributing renowned watch brands. They grew around watches and were always tracking time. It didn’t take them long to learn about the value of time and how moments don’t come by twice.

So, they decided that – despite being rather young – it was time to create their very own watch brand, fulfilling the dream their grandpa had.

Then, Aimant was born, after many months of trial and error. And it became more than what they had thought. Aimant is a celebration of time. It is about living in the moment and making time for things that matter. It is a constant reminder that we only get one life – and that we must live it right.

It took many essential parts – family support and incredibly talented people – to build this brand. And every piece is made in honor to all of them, using nothing but the best Japanese parts.


Designed in the U.S., Aimant watches are made using only the best Japanese parts. Our premium-quality watches are designed to be stylish, comfortable, and water resistant.

We manufacture our own products – from scratch – reducing costs to give the fairest prices. And quality is never compromised.

Furthermore, we offer a 2-year warranty on all watches, so there’s nothing to worry about.


We believe in a world without borders, where connections run deep and far, a world where humanity is celebrated in all its forms. Our watches are the reflection of exactly that; they’re the result of many talented individuals in different corners of the world coming together for one purpose.

We believe that nothing is more precious than the right now. We strive to live in the moment, fully aware of the value in each moment, trusting that we are exactly where we should be.

We believe in the power of attraction, that positive energy attracts positive things. We aim to create magnets of positivity, to do good and inspire others to be the best they can be.