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Aimant: n. French for “Magnet”

A name chosen to describe how numerous parts and pieces fell into place at the right time to give life to this project.

Born from the entrepreneurial spirit of a family who, after 30 years of successfully distributing renowned watch brands, decided it was time to create their own brand. Now that the dream is coming to life, they realized one thing: they should’ve done it years ago.

Aimant is more than a brand; it’s a movement that seeks to inspire and encourage people to live in the moment, pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. It’s about creating awareness of the value of time and making every minute count.


We believe in a world without borders, where connections run deep and far, a world where humanity is celebrated in all its forms. Our watches are the reflection of exactly that; they’re the result of many talented individuals in different corners of the world coming together for one purpose.

We believe that nothing is more precious than the right now. We strive to live in the moment, fully aware of the value in each moment, trusting that we are exactly where we should be.

We believe in the power of attraction, that positive energy attracts positive things. We aim to create magnets of positivity, to do good and inspire others to be the best they can be.